Counter-Strike 1.6

The classic design of the game

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 v43 finds many servers on the Internet. Well suited for playing online over the Internet.

Counter-Strike 1.6

Standard models of weapons and players. Stable works on all windows platforms

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 build 4554 pure torrent version. You can download the game using the torrent program.

RUBITNET-International search for Counter-Strike 1.6 servers

RUBITNET (Russian Bit Net) - aims to destroy paid services for the promotion of CS 1.6 servers around the world by improving the quality and cost of the service at a price of 0. This mechanism is a planned event assigned to standardization and a 10-fold power reserve. The quality of the project directly depends on the owners of the servers who refused paid methods of promotion and posted information about the RUBITNET project in the group, on the website and on the CS 1.6 server. This mechanism will connect the masses of players around the world to the international search for CS 1.6 servers. The database of all servers can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the game client (protocol 47/48).

Download CS 1.6 for free. CS 1.6 torrent builds

On the site a large selection of assemblies for every taste. All builds of CS 1.6 No-Steam are equipped with the latest patch v43 and work stably on a weak computer running windows. Russian Russian Russian version of the most popular build is CS 1.6 original with Russian translation, support for Russian chat and voice acting in Russian. If you are a novice player, then the original CS 1.6 (rus) will suit you well. You can download any build for free from the site via a direct link and a torrent file. How to download the game CS 1.6 via the torrent program? To download to your computer for example the Russian version of CS 1.6 it is enough to download from the official website download the torrent program and install it on your PC. After installing the program, you can start downloading the game from our website using torrent technology. Go to the page of the CS 1.6 build you selected and click on the 'Download (build name) torrent' button. After clicking on the button, your browser will download the torrent build file and drag it to the program window. At the end of the download of CS 1.6, you can already install the game CS 1.6 on your computer. If you decide to download Counter-Strike 1.6 from the site directly, the download will be at high speed and virus-free. It is worth noting that all builds of CS 1.6 are ad-free and designed for playing online. The most popular download, CS 1.6 Russian

Free CS 1.6 monitoring for CS 1.6 servers

Monitoring of game servers rubitnet checks a large number of servers on different continents for timely verification and high-quality search of servers through our game client. Our monitoring is available in all countries of the world and is visible by all popular search engines. CS 1.6 monitoring is gaining power and popularity every year due to the attraction of new computing power and the introduction of advanced algorithms.

Add cs 1.6 server to global search

You can add the CS 1.6 server to the global search for free via the international resource The added servers of CS 1.6 after checking (quarantine) fall into the search for the game of cs 1.6, i.e. the master server. When you add a game server to MS, it will be visible to customers on all continents. For your server to be visible, you must follow the rules for adding Counter-strike 1.6 servers to the master server. In cases of violation of the rules, the server is removed from the database and banned forever.

Quarantine of Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers

The quarantine is intended for the ability to repeatedly check the server for compliance with the rules for adding to the MS. CS 1.6 servers are quarantined for about 30 days (1 month) and then available through the game client in search. Quarantine is the first stage of protecting the client from unscrupulous servers with viruses and plugins that change the settings of the game cs 1.6. When adding a server to quarantine, it gets into MS rubitnet. ru:27014 and through or this can be tracked. After the CS server is quarantined, it gets to the server master for each continent (australia. rubitnet. ru: 27009-Australia( Australia), southamerica. rubitnet. ru:27010-South America (South America), eurasia. rubitnet. ru:27011 - Eurasia( Eurasia), africa. rubitnet. ru:27012-Africa( Africa), northamerica.rubitnet. ru:27013 - North America (North America))

List of Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers

Working from our project additional monitoring cs 1.6 search engines Yandex and Google. Via a resource you can not add a server to the MS, but only generate a web page with information about the server. The list of game servers is available at and on the rubitnet website on the page 'CS 1.6 Game Servers' in the 'monitoring' section. On the page "CS 1.6 Game servers" there is a list of CS 1.6 servers with brief information in the form: the letter designation of the country, the ip address, the name, the number of people playing and the current map on the server.

Free promotion of CS 1.6. Random Top for CS 1.6 servers

Rubitnet international master server is equipped with automatic and free promotion of CS 1 servers.6.There are no paid services and there will not be any. The free TOP for the cs 1.6 server is a feature built on the principles of equality and fairness. According to the algorithm, after an equal amount of time, it randomly shuffles the list of servers in all the master servers. At the top of the list, the servers receive an influx of players, and below in the list they receive a recharge. The quality of such promotion depends on the owners of the servers, who are already tired of paying or there is no money at all for promotion. Players also remain in the black due to the huge selection of secure servers, of which there are more than 2000 in the database.

Check the CS 1.6 server in the global search

It is easy to check the cs 1.6 server in the global search, just enter the ip address in the field. The list of cs 1.6 servers is updated on the site every 5 minutes. If the site has notified about the absence of your server in the database, we recommend adding it for free. If the server does not appear after the addition, it means that 1 month has not passed during which it is in quarantine and checked or banned for violating the rules.

Ban list of Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers

The ban list protects players from all over the world from virus-infected servers. When you add servers to us, they are checked in detail automatically by special robots. If the server does not meet the security requirements and poses a threat to the cs 1.6 game client, then this game server will be banned. This mechanism helps to improve the quality of servers provided to the player from all over the world. Game servers in the ban list will no longer be checked by robots, before the server owner submits to unban the server.

Stable patch to increase the search for servers in the game cs 1.6

The patch (version 43) for the cs 1.6 game was created to transfer the gaming community to the new server search. The patch will allow players to find more servers from their own country and diversify the game on different mods. Now it is available from anywhere in the world to get the entire list of servers running on all continents. If there are false positives of antiviruses on putch 43 for Counter-Strike 1.6, you can: add our application to the exception of the antivirus program or remove the game client and install cs 1.6 from our site. Download the game Counter-Strike 1.6 no-steam via torrent or from the site via a direct link at high speed.

Complaint about the CS 1.6 server

From our project, there is a feature for players to punish game servers. The player can send a complaint to the server in cases where:
1. The search for servers stopped working or finds few servers in cs 1.6.
2. The game starts with errors.
3. The config was edited
4. The game client began to advertise cs 1.6 from another resource.
5. The game menu has stopped working or is not displayed at all.
After you have left a complaint about the game server cs 1.6, the bot receives this and checks the server for which the complaint was made without a queue. The mechanism will allow you to quickly ban the server in the search and prevent damage to the client to other players.